clash n. a sharp disagreement;conflict 抵触;冲突
fundamentalism n. religious beliefs based on a literal interpretation of everything in the Bible and regarded as fundamental to Christian faith and morals 原教旨主义
legislature n. a body of persons given the responsibility and power to make laws for a country or state(esp. the lawmaking body of a state,corresponding to the U.S.Congress) 立法机构(尤指美国的州议会)
indict v. accuse;charge with the commission of a cime; esp. make formal accusation against on the basis of positive legal evidence usually said of the action of a grand jury 控告, 控诉
prosecute legal proceedings against,or conduct criminal proceedings in court against 对……起诉
festoon v.adorn or hang with festoons 饰以(或悬挂)花彩
rickety adj. 1iable to fall or break down because weak;shaky 易倒的;易垮的
infidel n. a person who holds no religious belief 无宗教信仰者
florid adj. flushed with red or pink(said of the complexion) (脸色)红润的
attorney n. any person legally empowered to act as agent for. or in behalf of,another(esp. a lawyer) 代理人
shrewd adj. keen—witted,clever,astute or sharp in practical affairs 机敏的;精明的
steep v. immense,saturate,absorb,or imbue 沉浸
spar v. wrangle or dispute 争论;争吵
bigotry n. the behavior,attitude,or beliefs of a bigot:intolerance;prejudice 偏执的行为
rampant adj. spreading unchecked;widespread 蔓延的;猖獗的
contaminate v.make impure,infected,corrupt,etc 使感染,传染
mammal n. any of a large class of warm—blooded. usually hairy vertebrates whose off springs are fed with milk secreted by female mammary glands 哺乳动物
denounce v.condemn strongly as evil 谴责,指责
sonorous adj. having a powerful,impressive sound (声音)响亮的
arena n. any sphere of struggle or conflict 竞争场所
prairie n. a large area of level or slightly rolling grassland 大草原
duel n. any contest or encounter suggesting such a fight,usually between two persons 争斗,冲突
hush n. absence of noise;quiet;silence 寂静,平静
adjourn v. close a session or meeting for the day or for a time 休会,闭会
ponder v.weigh mentally;think deeply about;consider carefully 默想;深思
cower v.shrink and tremble,as from someone's anger,threats,or blow 畏缩;发抖
sulphurous adj. violently emotional;heated;fiery 异常激动的;激烈的
gawk v.stare like a gawk,in a stupid way (像呆子般)呆呆地盯着
gavel n. a small mallet rapped on the table by a presiding officer in calling for attention or silence or by an auctioneer 小木槌,议事槌
quell v.crush;subdue;put an end to 镇压;平息
hubbub n. a confused sound of many voices;noise;uproar;tumult 吵闹声,喧哗
forlorn adj. abandoned or deserted 被抛弃的;被遗弃的