Advanced English

artery n. a main road or channel 干道,大路;干渠
astound v. bewilder with sudden surprise ,astonish, greatly ,amaze 使震惊,使惊愕,使大吃一惊
cosmos n. the universe considered as a harmonious and orderly system 宇宙
crater n. a bowl—shaped cavity as at the mouth of a volcano or on the surface of the moon 碗形洞
crumble v. fall to pieces;disintegrate;decay 破碎,破裂;使溃散
debunk v. expose the false or exaggerated claims [美口]揭露,揭发,揭穿
deplore v. be regretful or sorry about 懊悔,悔恨,对……深感遗憾
epileptic n. a person who has epilepsy 癫痫患者
epidemic n. the rapid, widespread occurrence of a fad (风尚、风气、爱好等的)一时流行,风行
feud n. a bitter, long—continued and deadly quarrelers. between clans of families 世仇,累世宿仇,夙怨,长期不和
flirt v. trifle or toyd 玩弄,戏耍;做着玩
hustler n. a prostitute [美俚]妓女
juvenile adi. young and youthful 年轻的;青年的
flirt v. trifle or toy(with) 玩弄,戏耍;做着玩;不认真地对待,不认真地考虑(常与with连用)
haunt v. appear or recur repeatedly to,often to the point of obsession (思想、回忆等)萦绕;(疾病等)缠住
idyllic adj. pastoral or picturesque;pleasing and simple 田园诗的;田园风光的;生动逼真的;质朴宜人的
ingenuity n. the quality of being ingenious;cleverness,originality,skill,etc 机灵,机智,足智多谋;独创性,创造力;熟练,巧妙
meningitis n. inflammation of the meninges.esp. as the result of infection by bacteria or viruses 脑脊膜炎
molasses n. a thick,usually dark brown syrup produced during/he refining of sugar,or from sorghum,etc. 糖蜜,糖浆
motley n. having or composed of many different or clashing elements;heterogeneous 混乱的;杂乱的