Words List of The Unit 15

slender adj.thin in an attractive or graceful way 苗条的; 修长的
tropical adj.coming from or existing in the hottest parts of the world: 热带的,炎热的
deferential adj.behaviour that shows that you respect somebody/something 恭敬的
domestic a. of or inside a particular country; not foreign or international 本国的, 国内的
tease v.to laugh at somebody and make jokes about them, either in a friendly way or in order to annoy or embarrass them 取笑, 戏弄
extent n.how large, important, serious, etc. something is 程度, 限度
inclination n.a feeling that makes you want to do something 爱好, 癖好, 意向
unwitting adj. occurring over or relating to a long period of time 不知情的, 非故意的, 无意的
geographically adj. the scientific study of the earth's surface, physical features, divisions, products, population, etc 地理学的,地理的
virgin adj.have not sex 处女的
mythology adj. connected with ancient myths 神话的
limb n.an arm or a leg; a similar part of an animal, such as a wing
pantheism n. the belief that God is present in all natural things
malice n. a feeling of hatred for somebody that causes a desire to harm them 恶意,蓄意害人
confessional n. a private place in a church where a priest listens to people making confessions (教堂内的)告解室
solemnity n.the quality of being solemn 庄严;严肃;庄重
inland adj. in a direction towards the middle of a country; away from the coast 内地的, 内陆的
cliff n. a high area of rock with a very steep side, often at the edge of the sea or ocean 悬崖,峭壁
altitude n. the height above sea level 高度
venturesome adj. willing to take risks (人)好冒险的, 胆大的
intermittent adj.stopping and starting often over a period of time, but not regularly 间歇的; 断断续续的
gleam vt. & vi. to shine with a pale clear light (使)闪烁, (使)闪亮
coastline adj. strange or unusual 奇怪的; 古怪的
promontory n. a long narrow area of high land that goes out into the sea 岬,隆起,海
sensation n. a feeling that you get when something affects your body 感受
amuse vt. to make somebody laugh or smile 逗乐
palette n. a thin board with a hole in it for the thumb to go through, used by an artist for mixing colours on when painting 调色板
bliss n. extreme happiness 福气,极乐
chap n.a boy or man 小伙子, 小家伙; 家伙
puzzle a game, etc. that you have to think about carefully in order to answer it or do it 使迷惑, 使难解
texture n.the physical composition of something (especially with respect to the size and shape of the small constituents of a substance) 手感, 质感, 质地
taffrail n.the railing around the stern of a ship
slender adj.slim 苗条的
signpost n. the state of being united or joined as a whole, especially in a political context 团结,联合
albatross n.arge web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings 信天翁
odd adj.very strange 奇怪的
cram v.put something somewhere so that the space is completely filled 塞入,填入
intermittent adj.stopping and starting at irregular intervals 间歇的,断断续续
foreground n.the part of a scene that is near the viewer 前景
coastline n. the outline of the coast 海岸线;海岸地形 (或轮廓);沿海地带