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1. Britain says Turkey' s dispute with Cyprus should not hold up the opening of negotiations next month on Turkey's eventual membership in the European Union.
2. The Bush Administration said Monday that progress is being made toward normal relations with Libya, though it discouraged talk of an imminent breakthrough.
3. Russia has deported a planeload of Georgians it accused of being illegal migrants, and continued a crackdown on Georgian-owned businesses.
4. The leaders of Brazil, India and South Africa have called for greater unity between the world' s developing countries.
5. The United States has expressed gratitude to Syria for preventing an attack on the U.S. embassy in Damascus in which three gunmen were killed and a fourth man was captured.
6. Chadian President Idriss Derby cut diplomatic ties with Sudan Friday after what he said was a "Sudanese-backed rebel attack" on Chad's capital N'djamena. Mr. Derby also has threatened " to expel 200,000 refugees in Chad.
7. Chad and Sudan have opened their common border and reestablished diplomatic relations only a few months after the two countries nearly went to war over alleged Sudanese support for Chadian rebels.
8. Relations between India and Pakistan have cooled with a mutual expulsion of diplomats. Officials in India said they' d given a Pakistani diplomat 48 hours to leave the country after Pakistan ordered the expulsion of an Indian diplomat.
9. Lebanon' s Prime Minster Fuad Siniora has challenged Syria to establish diplomatic relations and demarcate their border.
10. Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he is preparing a formal request to President Bush for a long-term security partnership that would include a permanent U.S. military presence.

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[00:06.19]Lesson 4
[00:08.39]  An exciting trip
[00:12.30]First listen and then answer the question:
[00:18.71]Why is Tim finding this trip exciting?
[00:26.37]I have just received a letter from my brother,Tim.He is in Australia.
[00:33.59]He has been there for six months.Tim is an engineer.
[00:39.97]He is working for a big firm 
[00:42.97]and he has already visited a great number of different places in Australia.
[00:49.53]He has just bought an Australian car 
[00:53.04]and has gone to Alice Springs,a small town in thecentre of Australia.
[00:59.51]He will soon visit Darwin.From there,he will fly to Perth.
[01:06.66]My brother has never been abroad before,so he is finding this trip very exciting.