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accidental a. happening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly 意外的

agent n. a person who obtains information for a government or other official body, typically in secret 探员;特工

asset n. property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies 财产

asylum n. the protection granted by a state to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee 庇护;收容所

depose v. remove from office suddenly and forcefully 免职,废黜

freeze v. be turned into ice or another solid as a result of extreme cold 冻结

grant v. agree to give or allow (something requested) to 许可;给予

institution n. a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose 公共机构;制度

intelligence n. the collection of information of military or political value 情报

mutual a. (of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties towards the other or others 相互的

ouster n. dismissal or expulsion from a position 驱逐

refuge n. a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble 庇护,避难;避难所

row n. a noisy acrimonious quarrel吵架,争吵


Brazilian a. 巴西的 n. 巴西人

Mexican a. 墨西哥的 n. 墨西哥人

Condoleezza Rice 康多莉扎?/span> 赖斯(美国国务卿)

Mexico 墨西哥

Ecuadorian a. 厄瓜多尔的 n. 厄瓜多尔人

North Korea 北朝鲜

Hugo Chavez 乌戈?/span> 查韦斯(委内瑞拉总统)

Secretary of State 国务卿

Iraq 伊拉克

Venezuela 委内瑞拉

Italy 意大利

Venezuelan a. 委内瑞拉的

Lucio Gutierrez 卢西奥?/span> 古铁雷斯(厄瓜多尔前总统)

Vicente Fox 文森特?#31119;克斯(墨西哥前总统)

Zimbabwe 津巴布韦


Directions: In this section, you will hear five statements once only. Listen carefully and decide which of the four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D is the closest in meaning to what you have just heard.

1. A. North Korea want?an improved relationship with the U.S

    B. The U.S.-North Korea relationship is one of trust.

    C. North Korea says its relationship with the U.S. is based on mutual respect.

   D. North Korea is optimistic about its future relationship with the U.S.

2. A. Ecuador' s president has made an asylum offer.

    B. Mr. Gutierrez sought protection in the Ecuadorian embassy.

    C. Lucio Gutierrez has been ousted.

    D. The Brazilian embassy has taken in some refugees.

3. A. The estates of 150 U.S. citizens were frozen.

    B. Some Zimbabwean institutions will be unable to access their property in the States.

    C. 150 U.S. institutions and individuals are barred from entering Zimbabwe.

    D. The U.S. has frozen all assets of the Zimbabwean government.

4. A. An Italian special agent was killed in the U.S.

    B. Condoleezza Rice has condemned the killing.

    C. Italy has expressed regret over the killing.

    D. The U.S. described the killing as an accident.

5. A. Relations between Mexico and Venezuela have been worsening five years in a row.

    B. Vicente Fox made some critical remarks about bilateral relations.

    C. Venezuela and Mexico are involved in a dispute over some remarks.

    D. Hugo Chavez is critical of Mexico' s foreign policy.
1. A 2. C  3.B  4. D  5.C

Script reading

If you think you understand more than 70% of what you have heard, you can go to check, now!

Listen and Check with texts in subtitle form

[00:01.52]Passage 2."Packaging" a Person
[00:05.46]A person, like a commodity, needs packaging.
[00:10.61]But going too far is absolutely undesirable.
[00:14.87]A little exaggeration, however, does no harm
[00:18.92]when it shows the person's unique qualities to their advantage.
[00:23.95]To display personal charm in a casual and natural way,
[00:28.54]it is important for one to have a clear knowledge of oneself.
[00:34.13]A master packager knows how to integrate art and nature without any traces of embellishment,
[00:42.00]so that the person so packaged is no commodity but a human being, lively and lovely.
[00:49.88]A young person, especially a female, radiant with beauty and full of life,
[00:56.12]has all the favor granted by God.
[00:59.07]Any attempt to make up would be self-defeating.
[01:02.03]Youth, however, comes and goes in a moment of doze.
[01:06.29]Packaging for the middle-aged is primarily to conceal the furrows ploughed by time.
[01:12.42]If you still enjoy life's exuberance enough to retain self-confidence
[01:18.33]and pursue pioneering work, you are unique in your natural qualities,
[01:24.01]and your charm and grace will remain.
[01:27.08]Elderly people are beautiful if their river of life has been,
[01:32.01]through plains, mountains and jungles, running its course as it should.
[01:36.71]You have really lived your life which now arrives at a complacent stage of serenity
[01:43.28]indifferent to fame or wealth.
[01:45.68]There is no need to resort to hair-dyeing;
[01:48.74]the snow-capped mountain is itself a beautiful scene of fairyland.
[01:53.34]Let your looks change from young to old synchronizing with the natural ageing process
[02:00.01]so as to keep in harmony with nature, for harmony itself is beauty,
[02:05.70]while the other way round will only end in unpleasantness.
[02:10.62]To be in the elder's company is like reading a thick book of deluxe edition
[02:16.97]that fascinates one so much as to be reluctant to part with.
[02:21.68]As long as one finds where one stands, one knows how to package oneself,
[02:27.48]just as a commodity establishes its brand by the right packaging.