Listen and read now!

Directions: In this section, you will hear five statements once only. Listen carefully and decide which of the four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D is the closest in meaning to what you have just heard.



1.   A   North Korea says it wants a relationship of trust and mutual respect with the United States.

2.   C  And Brazil has granted asylum to deposed Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez who has taken refuge in the Brazilian embassy since his ouster Wednesday.

3.   B  The United States government has frozen the assets of over 150 individuals and institutions from Zimbabwe.

4.   D  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has again expressed regret to Italy over the accidental killing of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq.

5.   C  Diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Mexico have worsened sharply in a row over comments by the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez about the Mexican leader Vicente Fox.


Listen and Check with texts in subtitle form

[00:06.19]Lesson 4
[00:08.39]  An exciting trip
[00:12.30]First listen and then answer the question:
[00:18.71]Why is Tim finding this trip exciting?
[00:26.37]I have just received a letter from my brother,Tim.He is in Australia.
[00:33.59]He has been there for six months.Tim is an engineer.
[00:39.97]He is working for a big firm 
[00:42.97]and he has already visited a great number of different places in Australia.
[00:49.53]He has just bought an Australian car 
[00:53.04]and has gone to Alice Springs,a small town in thecentre of Australia.
[00:59.51]He will soon visit Darwin.From there,he will fly to Perth.
[01:06.66]My brother has never been abroad before,so he is finding this trip very exciting.